That feature is not supported in Hawkular today.  Perhaps it will be a future feature for the middleware management in ManageIQ, which the Hawkular project now supports.  In RHQ you have found that for a group of servers you can execute operations in order, but as far as I know there is no interval that can be specified.  That would have to be a feature request.  Also, I'm fairly sure that there is no halt-on-failure option.  To do what you like would probably require a custom CLI script in RHQ. I think it could be done that way.

On 4/28/2016 10:12 PM, Jong Seok Won wrote:
Hi all~,

Is there the feature to provide timegap between ripple restart of WildFly(JBoss EAP) cluster in Hawkular?
If there is no feature, I'm curious there is a roadmap for this feature.
Actually, this kind of feature is useful in a production environment.

I've already checked RHQ(JON) however there is no for ripple restart.
RHQ(JON) provides below in restart operation page of Group menu.
1. "Execute: in the order specified below
2. "Halt on Failure?"

Thanks in advance.

Kindly Regards,

Ted Won

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