We have stopped developing Hawkular and it would not have solved the problem you mention anyway.

We're working mostly toward Prometheus now for data storage and for metrics format. You can setup a Prometheus JMX exporter to get the metrics you need.

Prometheus doesn't "yet" has long term storage solution that you may be asking for when you say "archiving", but this in a work in progress, with Thanos https://github.com/improbable-eng/thanos


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we're using WildFly 10.1.0 and we need more monitoring ;)


I hope this is the right mailing list.


The target picture is

-InfluxDB as TSDB for archiving performance relevant measurements

-Grafana for creating and sharing dashboards


We'd like to use "standard" tools as much as possible. JMX is a mature standard and we'd like to use it for publishing the metrics.

Using jmxtrans (https://github.com/jmxtrans/jmxtrans) we're able to get a lot of details about JVM and parts of WildFly.


We're lacking visibility on

-connection pools

-thread pools

-EJBs (remoting)

-web services


How could hawkular help here? I guess  hawkular plugs into metrics which are (unfortunately) not available via JMX in WildFly?

Can  hawkular publish via JMX? Or write to InfluxDB?


InfluxDB is not set into stone but is the preferred solution.


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