If you are doing Hawkular UI development please update your Typescript compiler to 1.6 (from 1.5) as we will begin using those features and you may have issues compiling on your local development machine if you are not using 1.6.

Announcing Typescript 1.6: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/typescript/archive/2015/09/16/announcing-typescript-1-6.aspx

Please note, if you are just compiling Hawkular via maven no changes are needed. However for UI dev work using gulp and bower incompatibilities may occur. 

tsc —version 

to see what version of typescript 

and to update:

sudo npm update -g typescript

It should read Version 1.6.2 after the update

NOTE: This is a several day warning before the actual changes will take place this weekend. So if you are running the gulp dev build and get funny errors next week update your TS version first.