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Hello all,

I was doubtful if we gonna provide apk of android client of hawkular through Google play store or user will have to compile for themselves. I assume the case to be of play store.


And if that is the case then clients can not use their own google account to setup push notifications for alerts as configration file is needed to be inside apk.


I suggest that hawkular can provide one instance of firebase account for it and all the hawkular servers will use the same.

With the workflow I suggest, there will not remain the need of setting up unified push server to provide notification.

+1 let's remove UPS from it and use Firebase directly.

Steps :-
  • With any user creation on any hawkular serve, there will be created a 32 Byte ID that we can assume to be unique.
Should we create a jira for Hawkular team implement it?
  • Any client that sign in to that user will retrieve that string and will register to that as topic subscription.
So, the idea is create a topic for the user ID? and him on this topic?

  • When ever a new alert is created. It will fire a HTTP request to Firebase with unique id as topic and Server key provided by hawkular inbuilt.
Should we create a jira for Hawkular team implement it?
  • Rest work of manupulating the recieved alert will be handled on client side.

Please write your views on this.

2 Things we need to think about

1) How 2 different users in the same server will receive the same alert, like when hawkular website got down, you and me need to receive the same alert.
2) We need to register all devices for the same user in the same topic.


Anuj Garg