I'm working on an patch to expose HHH-272 functionality (custom column read and write expressions).in Annotations. At Steve and Emmanuel's request, I'm doing this by creating a new @o.h.a.Column annotation to supplement the @javax.persistence.Column annotation, similar to what's in place today for @Table. This will allow for future extension beyond this one use case, eventually.

It's getting a bit dicey, though, because of the variety of places @j.p.Column can show up--for example, inside @AttributeOverride and @Columns. The question is how best to embed the companion @o.h.a.Column instances in these contexts. Create a @o.h.a.AttributeOverride and @o.h.a.AttributeOverrides? A totally separate grouping mechanism? It's a little easier with @Columns because that's already in the org.hibernate namespace hierarchy, so it can be modified. Thoughts?