Sorry it took me so long to get this out to the list but I was caught up in Sanne’s remarks on my chapters in the book.

Thanks Sanne :>)


Emmanuel and I haggled this out and here is a first pass.


The annotation that specifies a field to add to a dictionary will be at field level for now.


public String description;

will add content from description
will go in indexBase/Dictionaries (by default)
and the fields will be main_dictionary_dictionarytechnicalfield1 etc.


Additional decisions are the same as stated in HS-269.


I have to trust Emmanuel on the field names as I haven’t had the time to look at the source. We’re going to borrow from the Lucene contribution code that already provides most of the functionality.


There were other things we discussed like custom bridges to allow users to put whatever they want to put into the dictionary but that a later iteration. We’d like to get an initial pass into the code.


Thoughts, suggestions anyone?


John G.