On  Jun 10, 2009, at 16:38, Chase Seibert wrote:


Here is the patch with the new changes:
  • If getDirectoryProvidersForQuery() returns zero providers, the search will not execute.
  • Added methods String getName(), Map<String, Object> getParameters() and isPreSearchShardFilter() to FullTextFilter.
    • Not sure what the value of a FullTextFilterImplementor would be, but I can add that if you want.
  • Removed casting to FullTextFilterImpl.
  • CustomerShardingStrategy returns all shards for getDirectoryProvidersForDeletion().
  • In CustomerShardingStrategy.getFilter(), changed filter name comparison to be case sensitive.
  • Added a new Filter sub-class, ShardFilterImpl, where isPreSearchShardFilter() == true.
  • FullTextQueryImpl.buildFilters() only get isPreSearchShardFilter() == false filters.
  • FullTextQueryImpl only passes isPreSearchShardFilter() == true filters to getDirectoryProvidersForQuery().


On Wed, Jun 10, 2009 at 3:38 PM, Emmanuel Bernard <emmanuel@hibernate.org> wrote:
I like the patch, we can apply a slightly modified version of it.

A few comments:

* In private DirectoryProvider[] getDirectoryProviders(DocumentBuilderIndexedEntity builder)

if ( directoryProviders != null && directoryProviders.length > 0 ) return directoryProviders;

What's the reasoning for returning all shards if this method returns 0 providers. It seems to me that in this situation you want to avoid executing the query altogether.

* In the testcase, CustomerShardingStrategy does cast FullTextFilter into FullTextFilterImpl
That sucks. 
We need to introduce a FullTextFilterImplementor interface with getName() ( and maybe Map<String, Object> getParameters() - we can add this one later);
We would then get 
public DirectoryProvider<?>[] getDirectoryProvidersForQuery(FullTextFilterImplementor[] filters) {

* not sure why the CustomerShardingStrategy does not return all shards for getDirectoryProvidersForDeletion

* in CustomerShardingStrategy.getFilter
equalsIgnoreCase is wrong. Filter names are case sensitive.

* as I said in my reply to Sanne, I would like to get a way to declare a filter to be shard sensitive only. Either by providing a special class or by providing a flag, not sure.

@FullTextFilterDef(name="customer", impl=ShardSensitiveOnly.class)

Because I think we raise an exception if an unknown filter is requested.

In this case, the ShardSensitiveOnly impl can be ignored by the filter chaining we do otherwise.


On  Jun 3, 2009, at 16:08, Chase Seibert wrote:


I have implemented your suggestion for IndexShardingStrategy to optionally provide a set of DirectoryProviders BEFORE the search based on one or more FullTextFilters. Using this change, I was able to optimize my specific case to search only hitting the relevant shards.

I have not yet implemented your labeled shard idea, nor your shard on enum idea. If we can agree on this change first, I think I can implement those on top of this.

Please see attached svn .patch (diff) file. I have tested the patch on 3.1.1 and 3.2.0. Any feedback is welcome.


On Wed, Jun 3, 2009 at 1:27 PM, Sanne Grinovero <sanne.grinovero@gmail.com> wrote:
I am having a similar need in these days; this should be a very useful
feature, but I'd like more something I could use with the existing API

enableFullTextFilter( "MyShardsSelectionStrategy" ).setParameter( ... )

a practical example:
enableFullTextFilter( "LanguageFilter" ).setParameter( "IT-it" )

The existing IndexShardingStrategy should be able to be smarter and
have something like

DirectoryProvider<?>[] getDirectoryProvidersForQuery( filters && options )

So a smart ShardingStrategy could do some selections considering this.

I'm currently using sharding to shard my index on 25 different
languages (using per-language stemmers), so this would
be useful but I'd especially need to be able to "label" my different
DirectoryProviders using String identifiers,
I'd suggest to add a getName() to the DirectoryProvider interface: I
would use that to store countrycodes and
keep a map<String,DirectoryProvider> in my ShardingStrategy, so I can
easily select the right DP when
the LanguageFilter is enabled.

Another usage would be to shard an entity on an Enumerated property:
in this case an appropriate ShardingStrategy
could be provided by Search and auto-configured by reading the
possible enum values: that would be a very easy way
to enable sharding on an entity.


2009/6/3 Emmanuel Bernard <emmanuel@hibernate.org>:
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> From: chase.seibert+opensubscriber@gmail.com
> Date:  June 3, 2009 09:21:21  PDT
> To: emmanuel@hibernate.org
> Subject: Re: Re: [hibernate-dev] HSearch: Using sharding and avoiding query
> on multiple shards
> Reply-To: chase.seibert+opensubscriber@gmail.com
> Emmanuel,
> Regarding HSEARCH-251, and
> http://www.opensubscriber.com/message/hibernate-dev@lists.jboss.org/9770383.html
> Being able to query just a single shard or subset of shards would be
> awesome. I was thinking of a similar API:
> IndexShardingStrategy:
> public DirectoryProvider<?>[]
> getDirectoryProviderForShard(int shardNum);
> FullTextQuery:
> public void enableShardFilter(int shardNum);
> public void enableShardFilters(int[] shardNums);
> FullTextQuery.buildSearcher() would need to be modified to call
> getDirectoryProviderForShard() for each shardNum if shardNums are set,
> otherwise it should continue to use getDirectoryProvidersForAllShards();
> Calling this API from a consumer's stand-point would look like:
> FullTextQuery fullTextQuery =
> fullTextSession.createFullTextQuery(luceneQuery, entityClass);
> fullTextQuery.enableShardFilter(5);
> fullTextQuery.list();
> This could be changed to pass named shards easily. I could prototype this
> and submit a .patch if you are interested.
>  -Chase
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