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From: Sanne Grinovero <>
Date:  February 18, 2009 15:41:06  CEST
To: Emmanuel Bernard <>
Subject: Re: [hibernate-dev] Hibernate Search: configure the LockingFactory

2009/2/18 Emmanuel Bernard <>:

On  Feb 18, 2009, at 11:49, Sanne Grinovero wrote:

The "none" doesn't protect at all, so you have to make sure to never open
a second indexwriter or use any indexwriter when you are using an
to make changes.
Sounds a bit dangerous IMHO but I don't think we should stop people
at their own feet.
As we are enforcing a single indexwriter and all our indexreaders are
readonly since
last release, you may want to use it: I think the current design of
doesn't stop us from offering this option.
I've added a note in the docs to use it only if you really understand it.

Well, if you are only using Hibernate Search to access indexes (90% of our
user base) and you deploy on one server (80% of our user base), none is a
compelling solution right? (that's 70% of deployments :))

yes I think it could be used; but I don't think the speed
improvement is anything you could measure, and it is dangerous.
Bad things will happen to your index if you don't know about it and are in the
unlucky 30% of deployments.
Also I'm not sure what crazy things could be using the "Native Lucene" APIs
But now at least we don't stop anybody from trying it.