Hi everyone,

as was discussed on this list, the current testsuite harness had some problems fulfilling even basic requirements for various use cases, including but not limited to:
* Using from IDE through pure maven
* -DallTests vs. individial modules vs. distinctive groups vs. even overlaying groups
* Configuring AS using kind of hierarchical templates
* Imposing certain test groups order
* Invoking only some steps of the testsuite
* Running same tests with different AS configuration
etc etc.

I've been working on an updated concept, which is currently at https://github.com/OndraZizka/jboss-as/commits/TS-modules-tmp .
I would like you to review it, run it, and send me some comments.

     cd testsuite/integration
     mvn clean install -f pom2.xml -DallTests -fae
     mvn clean install -f pom2.xml -Dts.iiop

(There are 2 pom.xml's so I can compare two harnesses easily.)
The scripts are not updated yet so they do not work.
CLI and OSGi tests fail. To be sorted out.

The big news are:

* Execution split to modules
* Code and resources remained in the same location
* Added few system properties which provide paths to important directories - see https://docs.jboss.org/author/display/AS71/AS+7+Testsuite+Test+Developer+Guide
* Work directory is now in target/workdir

These cahnges exposed some issues in test code which need to be fixed - hardcoded relative paths.
Since there were no system properties to use, there was no other way, but from now on please use those properties, and fix your existing tests.
(This would happen anyway because some tests clutter workdir (which happens to be module's root dir) with various temp files.)