Let me start by giving some background of what I am working on and then I will ask the question related to jboss 7.

I am configuring jmx monitoring with a solarwinds plugin (or any jmx plugin that is not part of JON)

In jboss 4.3.0 eap you need to add -Djboss.platform.mbeanserver

And then setup the jvm jmx as shown in (http://community.jboss.org/wiki/JBossMBeansInJConsole)

The problem is that the jmx provided by the sun jvm (and as far as I've seen also the same goes for openjdk) does not provide a property to set the host/ip that will listen. If you run more than one jboss instance per machine then you have to start maintaining the config for each individual configuration and setup ports that do not overlap.

So here is the question related to as7. 

Would it be too hard to so something like what is seen in this link (http://vafer.org/blog/20061010091658/) or even using a different approach, so we can enable the jvm jmx and at the same time be able to bind an interface defined in the jboss config?

I think it would add a bit of value to have something like that (may be is already implemented).

Thanks in advance.

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