Hi all,

I'm having a problem with running single tests on jboss-as/master.

If I run all the "basic" integration tests (via ./integration-tests.sh test -Dts.basic), everything works fine. But if when I run a certain test only (/integration-tests.sh test -Dts.basic -Dtest=NegativeValidationTestCase), that one will fail.

The log says:

org.jboss.msc.service.DuplicateServiceException: Service jboss.connector.connection-factory.java:jboss/exported/bv/VCF is already registered

(See http://pastebin.com/DkrwVgU5 for the complete stack trace). IIUC this factory is registered by this test itself, but somehow it fails to be properly removed/cleaned up when only this single test is run.

Does anyone have an idea what's the cause for this and how it can be avoided?

Thanks a lot,