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Re: Thoughts on filesystem action driven hot deployment

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David Lloyd wrote:


Jason Greene wrote:


jaikiran pai wrote:

I have no serious objection to telling people where deployments are stored. This is OSS after all. As we go along there should be a wiki page describing exactly how this works for a given release. I'm just doubtful about persisting it in this file. People come to count on reading the file and you can't lightly stop writing it even if it becomes a problem.



I was reading a mail about configuring Java2 security for a web application on AS5 and realized that it might have to play a role here too. Users might have to know the (consistent) location where the deployments will be extracted so that they can setup appropriate permissions.


A very good point. This should become a separate forum thread, as it affects all deployments (domain deployments) as well. We may need to somehow add this info to the domain.

I think that as long as we use a predictable code source URL for deployments it doesn't have to be a specific filesystem location (especially if it varies between expanded and non-expanded deployments).  Maybe in this case, the resource loader should use a VFS URL or even a special deployment URL type (e.g. "deployment:///foo.war").

In other words, our internal content repository structure and location should not be a matter of public API.

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