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Re: Weld-OSGi integration in AS7

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Hi all,


I just want to give you my thinking and Mathieu's thinking about the use of the OSGiService qualifier. First of all, we agree with you that it's possible to get rid of the OSGiService qualifier (if a service is not found in CDI, it's possible to look at the OSGi service registry).


I thought a lot about this and one interrogation comes to my mind. How differentiate the case of a missing CDI binding and the case of a local implementation for a service? The default behavior of CDI is to throw an exception specifying that there is no binding for this injection target but in this case, a proxy waiting for an hypothetical OSGi service will be injected (and obviously will fail at runtime). IMHO, doing this will break the default CDI programming model. I mean that the user applicition will start without any problem in our case but in the default CDI programming model an exception will be thrown. We think that the user have to specify where he wants to use OSGi (so the user will knows where to deal with OSGi dynamism).


On the other hand, as you say in your above comments, this feature has to be enabled by the user. In this case he could be aware of this behavior, but we think it's too much changes for the CDI programming model.




Kevin & Mathieu

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