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Re: JBossAS 7.1.3.CR1: JBoss Solder doesn't work anymore

created by Juergen Zimmermann in JBoss AS 7 Development - View the full discussion

Lines 377ff:

    <T, X> void registerGenericBeanObserverMethod(@Observes ProcessObserverMethod<T, X> event) {
        AnnotatedType<X> declaringType = event.getAnnotatedMethod().getDeclaringType();   // <-- 378
        if (declaringType.isAnnotationPresent(GenericConfiguration.class)) {
            AnnotatedMethod<X> method = event.getAnnotatedMethod();
            Class<? extends Annotation> genericConfigurationType = declaringType.getAnnotation(GenericConfiguration.class).value();
            genericBeanObserverMethods.put(genericConfigurationType, new ObserverMethodHolder<X, T>(method, event.getObserverMethod()));

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