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Re: Deployer chain cleanup

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Alexey Loubyansky wrote:


Actually, having looked at the processor implementations, there are just a few that need to do clean up. For example, in case of managed beans it's 1 out of 12. So, apparently, it's not that common.


Another thought on this subject is that if we are to add some clean-up method then perhaps it makes sense to invoke it when the unit is undeployed. I.e. go through the same deployment chain and invoke clean-up on the processors.


No, undeploy will be a different situation: the batch builders will be gone, for example, and so will much of the deploy-time metainformation.  In addition, certain things like the deployment mount(s) will be associated with a service rather than the deployment unit processor context.  Undeploy should consist of nothing more than iterating all services belonging to a deployment unit and setting their mode to "REMOVE", and then waiting for completion.

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