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Re: JCRMessageStoreImpl store only message body?

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I didn't find JCR to be correct way to handle this issue, so I personally created a new RDBMS based system, where we store the message's status and different payloads in several stages of the message. For tracking issues, we also modified the Actions and used filters to store auditlog from every entry point and exit point and everytime we change the message's properties.


However, for the message store, the problem with relation database is storing all the attributes in reloadable format. I created and EAV-store to store all the attributes in few different formats (Long, String, Date ..) to the database as the message's properties. It's not perfect solution (it's difficult to store JPA Entitys this way unfortunately), but we do have a lot of information and track the messages.


Basic idea if this:


message-table (store message uuid etc stuff here)

-> n * message_properties

-> Store all the payloads and attachments as documents

    -> all the documents have 0-n binaries associated to them

    -> attachments have 0-n properties stored for them


That's simplified example of the message store. It's one of the features which I'd really want to be more complex in the actual ESB distribution, since we also require a queryable datastore. Now we've built a webapp to list and search this message store.

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