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Re: JCRMessageStoreImpl store only message body?

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Hey Michael, thanks for the note.  Can you give me a pointer to these auditlog filters?  I haven't seen that.  Hmmm, so you think there are no plans to build even administrative interfaces to this functionality or anything?  That seems... odd.  Do you know, by any chance, what happened to this JCR effort?  I traced it through various discussion threads and JIRA tickets but it looks like it hasn't been even discussed in a couple years though I did find some src in the ESB dist.  There is also the issue with redundant Base64 encoding making the messages unreadable in the DB, in the default impl, and it appeared, from what I read, that somebody removed the extra encoding of the (XML) message itself applied by the default DB impl but that doing so hit a build problem that occurred on some platform, but not on the Mac OS X platform of the original author (maybe Mark Little?  I can't remember who it was for sure) and it appears that this was also never resolved.  I am told by our contacts @ JBoss that this is a key product in the SOA platform, and that there are plans for continuing development and that wood is being put behind this "arrow" so to speak but I sure would like to know specifics around what is planned, in what priority and on what schedule, even in general terms.  Do you have any idea about any of that?  My current needs are minimal, but I can see that changing (growing) as time progresses; if JBoss isn't going to put effort into this product, however, it may be that this is the wrong bus to get involved with which would be sad.  Any clue about this stuff?  Thanks for your responses, BTW, they are much appreciated!

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