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I am seeing an issue between the templates in Eclipse and the checkstyle performed by Maven (and maybe I am configuring something wrong).  The provided templates for Eclipse cause a space to be placed before the carriage return for any Javadoc comments on a class or method:



* Some description

* <-- space here

* @param foo ...




If you manually remove the space, but leave the suggested save actions on (the auto-formatting), the space gets added back by Eclipse (I could not find how to prevent the space from being added...if you look at the Comments section under the Formatter, there is no check box to prevent that line with the space...maybe the template just needs to be edited?).  The end result is that checkstyle check in Maven fails because that line contains a trailing whitespace and therefore cannot build AS.  I got around this by disabling the Format Source Save Action, which is obviously not what we want to do.  Do I just have out-dated templates imported or should I go ahead and look into modifying the template to make the Eclipse save actions consistent with the checkstyle check?

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