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Re: JCRMessageStoreImpl store only message body?

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Hi, sorry for not answering quicker. For development plans, I assume that currently they're focusing on JBoss ESB 5.0 branch, which I guess should be partly at least a rewrite. There isn't much information released unfortunately.


For current product, the DBImpl does work (at least for redelivering purposes) so I don't know if it's broken somewhere. At least with SQLServer it does (no idea of MacOS, I only use Windows/AIX). The TraceFilter is in package org.jboss.internal.soa.esb.message.filter.TraceFilter and has following comment on it:


* This input/output filter can be used for message tracing. It is enabled on a global
* basis and assumes that each message is uniquely identified by the MessageID in the
* header: otherwise tracing specific messages is impossible to guarantee.


Basically what it does is when something enters a gateway or exits it, it prints message.getHeader() to log. Not much, but gives you a basic understanding of what it could do.


I agree that it's pretty sad what sort of activity is present here at the moment for some issues. Basic issues get replies, but it looks like no one is interested in sharing advanced features or things they've sort out (problems etc).


For basic logging purposes, what you could do is make the filter print that information to database and make one column as "message_id". That way you could trace whenever it has changed Service inside your ESB and find them from DB. That's quick to do.

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