Another approach is to don't Import/"Existing Maven Projects"
but instead do the following:

mvn eclipse:eclipse -DdownloadSources=true
Eclipse IDE -> Import/"Existing Projects into Workspace" --> "Select root directory" JBOSS_GIT_ROOT

From my experience M2Eclipse was terribly slow (at the time I used to use it) - not sure about its performance ATM


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Re: AS7 source code check out and setup in eclipse

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This is what I do:

  • Install m2eclipse. m2eclipse from the official sonatype site might have problems opening all the projects. The latest version there is 0.12.x. The cutting-edge 0.13 release performs a lot better. To get m2eclipse 0.13, add as an update site in Eclipse (If you just go to that address in a browser it 404s). I needed to uninstall my m2eclipse 0.12.x first.
  • Follow the steps to check out the project to /some/where/as7/git.
  • Open Eclipse with the workspace as /some/where/as7/eclipse.
  • Import/"Existing Maven Projects"
  • Set /some/where/as7/git as the root dir and choose all the projects.


You might get some errors wrt the lookup attribute of the @Resource annotations, simply go to that project's properties and change the orders of the imports so that the maven deps have a higher precedence than the JRE ones.

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