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Narayana Release Process

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This page provides a list of instructions that must be done in order when doing a release of Narayana.


Check JIRA

Ensure all issues are resolved. Any outstanding issues must be pushed back or resolved.

Check Hudson

Ensure no test failures in the following group of hudson tests:


  1. http://albany/view/Narayana+BlackTie/job/jbossts-branch416-java6/
  2. http://albany/view/Narayana+BlackTie/job/jbossts-branch416-java7/

Check Crash Rec tests output

Ensure no test failures in the following group of hudson tests:

  1. Paul needs to do this
  2. e.g. http://albany/view/Narayana+BlackTie/job/jbossts-branch416-java6/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/XTS/sar/crash-recovery-tests/target/

Run txbridge demo tests

This process is manual at the moment. Paul/Amos needs to do this.

make sure install firefox and running these commands from gui terminal:

  1. export JBOSS_HOME=/path/to/jboss-as-building-with-branch416
  2. cd JBOSSTS416_SRC/XTS/xts-install/demo
    1. sed -i "s/JBOSS_HOSTNAME/localhost/g" jboss.properties
    2. sed -i "s/JBOSS_PORT/8080/g" jboss.properties
    3. sed -i "s/JBOSS_URLSTUB/xtsdemowebservices/g" jboss.properties
    4. chmod +x build.sh
    5. ./build.sh
  3. cd JBOSSTS416_SRC/txbridge/demo
    1. ant -Djbossas.home=$JBOSS_HOME clean dist
    2. cd JBOSSTS416_SRC/txbridge/demo-test
    3. mvn clean test

Do Release

  1. Update the version number in any text files:
    1. find . -name \*.java -o -name \*.xml -o -name \*.ent -o -name \INSTALL -o -name \README | grep -v ".svn" | grep -v target | xargs grep  -l "4[._]16" | xargs sed -i "s/4\([._]\)16\([._]\)4\([._]\)Final-SNAPSHOT/4\116\24\3Final/"
  2. Tag the release: svn cp https://svn.jboss.org/repos/labs/labs/jbosstm/branches/JBOSSTS_4_16 https://svn.jboss.org/repos/labs/labs/jbosstm/tags/JBOSSTS_4_16_4_Final/ -m "4.16.4"
  3. Build and deploy the release to nexus: ant -f build-release-pkgs.xml dist mvn-repository downloads magnolia
  4. Bump to next version using similar find to above
    1. find . -name \*.java -o -name \*.xml -o -name \*.ent -o -name \INSTALL -o -name \README | grep -v ".svn" | grep -v target | xargs grep  -l "4[._]16" | xargs sed -i "s/4\([._]\)16\([._]\)4\([._]\)Final/4\116\25\3Final-SNAPSHOT/"
  5. Update the maven version of jbossts in our fork of JBossAS: https://github.com/jbosstm/jboss-as

Update Website

Update the Narayana community site:

  • Documentation
  • Downloads
  • Magnolia (using file generated in build-release-pkgs.xml)

JIRA Release

  1. Close all issues in the current release.
  2. Mark as released.

Push Upstream

If appropriate for this release, create a new 'component update' issue in AS7 JIRA. Ensure the module is set to 'transactions' and select an appropriate 'fix for'.

Assign it to yourself

Resolve the work and raise the pull request


NOTE: It is worth waiting for the merge of the pull request before advertising, or at least wait for the merge build notification first ;)

Promote the release through the following channels:

  1. Email jbossts-announce@redhat.com
  2. Forum
  3. Blog - as appropriate

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