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How to Build JBoss Tools with Maven 3

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It is actually simpler than that and first option is just use unified.update profile.


  • First and simple option is


svn co http://svn.jboss.org/repos/jbosstools/trunk jbosstools
cd jbosstools/build/parent
mvn clean install

cd ../..
mvn clean install


  • Second option that should be mentioned is -Dmaven.repo.local=<path-to-folder> which would save $HOME/m2/repo from clattering
  • Third option how to build w/ testing using -Dmaven.test.skip
  • Forth option to mention is how to build particular component locally (which is three steps process)


There is no reason download target platfrorm and use additional parameters because it updates not too often and usually update is incremental


Building jboss jboss tools from eclipse is not resonable because it takes much more time then from console and that has no point because hudson do the build from console anyway.