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Re: Need help compiling JBoss Messaging 1.4.8.GA for AS5

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Yong Hao Gao,


Do you some answer for the below. Actually I am struggling with HornetQ.



As a result of it I a, not able to move further with HornetQ. We need to fall back to Jboss 5.1 . I am not sure but in HornetQ Jboss has compromised a very important feature (Failover) in order to gain performance.


Compulsion of using Filesystem only for message persistence is a killer for the ones who wants that messages should be redistributed to the other node of the cluster if some node of the cluster fails.


I did try to plugin Jboss messaging instead of HornetQ. I used the same version of Jboss messaging (1.4.6) which was shipped with Jboss milestone release(Jboss 6.0.0 M2) which did not work for me. The reason was the change in Jgroup version used in Jboss 6.0.0 final. Jboss 6 M2 uses 2.6 Jgroup version but Jboss 6.0.0 final  uses 2.11.0 GA.


I don't understand why someone like JBOSS can leave you in a stage where you can't go anywhere. We used think Jboss is so flexible that I can achieve whatever I want to go with but somewhat disappointed this time.


So real choice which I can think of is to fall back to Jboss 5.1 which has Jboss messaging and use clustered queues where hopefully the Queues cluster with Failover will work (fingers crossed).


Please advice me if I have missed which chould have solved our problem.


Thanks and Regards,


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