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I've introduced checkstyle into the AS7 codebase.  Right now it prints violations out on the console, however in the (near) future it will cause the build to fail if a violation is detected.


This means a few things.


  1. Make sure your patches do not introduce new violations.
  2. People with topic branches beware: at some point (soon) the existing violations in trunk will be fixed, which can cause merge conflicts when a rebase is performed unless you rebase using this command:  git --whitespace=fix rebase upstream/master
  3. To avoid productivity loss in the future, make sure your IDE matches the code style, in particular the following points:
    1. Strip trailing whitespace from modified lines
    2. Do not use tab characters under any circumstances
    3. Remove unused and star imports, or imports of classes from the same package
    4. Do not specify redundant modifiers (like "public" on interface methods)


The existing violation corrections will be going in over the next couple of days; once they're all gone, the build will no longer proceed if a violation is introduced.

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