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Re: Thoughts on filesystem action driven hot deployment

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Brian Stansberry wrote:

How are users to know where the actual deployment is happening from ? Suggestion: put a deploy.location=/var/tmp/blahbla/foo.war into the marker file - simply for ease of debugging/transparency.

I've been tempted to do that. Haven't because 1) it forms a semi-contract that I'm not sure we should commit ourselves to. 2) It also encourages poking around in places users aren't meant to go poking. 3)  It also forces the deployment content repository to expose internal implementation details to the deployment scanner service, which isn't the end of the world but isn't nice either.


There is INFO level logging of where the deployment content is stored (which shoots my #2 above). :-)


I keep hearing this "by exposing the actual deployment location there is a semi-contract"-excuse and I just don't buy it.

The deployment is going to be *somewhere* wether that is on the filesystem or in-memory then telling the user where it is being 'read' from is never a bad information to have.


And as you said - it gets logged anyway (for a reason I assume ? :)

I have no serious objection to telling people where deployments are stored. This is OSS after all. As we go along there should be a wiki page describing exactly how this works for a given release. I'm just doubtful about persisting it in this file. People come to count on reading the file and you can't lightly stop writing it even if it becomes a problem.



I was reading a mail about configuring Java2 security for a web application on AS5 and realized that it might have to play a role here too. Users might have to know the (consistent) location where the deployments will be extracted so that they can setup appropriate permissions.

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