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JSF on AS7

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This article documents the current status of JSF integration on AS7.  It is expected that this document will evolve from being a status page to an informal documentation page.  Then it will be deprecated in favor of the official documentation.


JSF Feature Status


Working in Master
Basic JSF integrationYesMojarra 2.0.4-b09 was integrated on 2011-02-23
JSF 2.1 SupportNoJSF 2.1 put off until at least AS 7.1
Auto-add FacesServletYesIf no FacesServlet specified in web.xml it will be automatically added according to the new rules in the FacesServlet javadoc.  This is slightly different from the auto-add feature in AS6.
Bean ValidationYesHibernate Validator is integrated with JSF as the bean validation provider.
Legacy Facelets AppsYesThis refers to older JSF applications that use the JSF 1.x version of Facelets.  All issues resolved.
JSP-based JSF applciationsYesFixed in Beta 2.
JSTLYesFixed in Beta 2.
JEE5 InjectionYesFixed in CR1
Multi-JSF implementationsNoAS6 allowed you to plug in different JSF implementations.  Currently in AS7, only one implementation is allowed.
Integration TestsPartialSeveral integration tests have been developed but we haven't had time to get them into the build.  JSFUnit is working on AS7 now and we have a JSF smoke test.


JSF-related Jiras for AS7:

JBAS-8876 Add JSF to AS7

JBAS-8908 AS6 ZipException now seen in AS7

JBAS-8909 TransformerConfigurationException when reading faces-config.xml

JBAS-8916 Need shared TLD's for JSTL and JSF

JBAS-9064 Register JSF EL Resolvers with JSP

JBAS-9022 Changing web context with jboss-web.xml causes error in JSF

JBAS-9125 Upgrade JSF to spec level 2.1

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