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Can't build JBOSSTS_4_6_1_GA_CP05

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I downloaded the tag via the following URL:



but can't build the jboss integrated jta transaction engine.


Executing ant jbossjta I get the following error:



[java] com.arjuna.mwlabs.ts.jbossatx.init:
     [java]      [echo] Initialising module atsintegration
     [java]      [echo] Source ID = unknown
     [java]      [echo] Version   = unknown
     [java]      [echo] Builder   = JBoss Inc. [tes] (Windows XP 5.1)
     [java]      [echo] Date      = 2010/Jun/30 18:34
     [java]      [echo] Notes     =
     [java]     [mkdir] Created dir: D:\home\workspaces\tes\jboss-transactions_4.6.1.GA_CP05\atsintegration\build\classes


     [java] BUILD FAILED
     [java] D:\home\workspaces\tes\jboss-transactions_4.6.1.GA_CP05\build.xml:148: The following error occurred while executing this line:
     [java] D:\home\workspaces\tes\jboss-transactions_4.6.1.GA_CP05\atsintegration\build.xml:162: No files specified for filelist.


     [java] Total time: 1 minute 28 seconds


D:\home\workspaces\tes\jboss-transactions_4.6.1.GA_CP05\build.xml:96: The following error occurred while executing this line:
D:\home\workspaces\tes\jboss-transactions_4.6.1.GA_CP05\build.xml:53: Java returned: 1


Any suggestions?




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