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Re: How to install JPBM eclipse plugin

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I managed to install JBPM into my own eclipse by editing the install scripts that came with the JBPM installer.  It doesn't take much.


It has been a few weeks since I did this so my memory is fuzzy.


I dug into the JBPM installer and found a proeprties file and a build.xml file.  I modified the two files so they would install the drools flow and jbpm plugins into MY eclipse rather than the one the installer downloads.  My specific order was I ran the script through unchanged once just to make sure all of the pieces parts downloaded into the expected locations then I modified the two files so they will install the plugins into my eclipse.


I can dig up the details Monday if somebody wants more details about what I did specifically.  If you understand Ant it only takes about 5 minutes of work.  Even if you don't understand Ant it isn't a very mysterious process.  The install scripts are done well enough that guessing isn't necesary.

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