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Custom jdbc login module for remoting

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I am trying to migrate an OC4J_10g application to the new Jboss 7. I've successfully deployed the ear but I have troubles using the login module.

I've chanded the configuration line for remoting realms in standalone.xml:


<connector name="remoting-connector" socket-binding="remoting" security-realm="ApplicationRealm" />


to use my custom security realm:


<connector name="remoting-connector" socket-binding="remoting" security-realm="CaponeRealm" />


Also in the security-domains I've defined my custom login module:


<security-domain name="asf-jaas" cache-type="default">
          <login-module code="com.asf.security.server.jaas.LdapFallbackJdbcLoginModule" flag="required">
               <module-option name="debug" value="true"/>


I've also add the jboss.xml file in META-INF folder linking the ear to the security-domain:





My problem is linking the CaponeRealm to the security-domain. How can I do that ?

As I saw in docs https://docs.jboss.org/author/display/AS7/Securing+the+Management+Interfaces , realms have only 5 mechanisms(ldap,users,properties,ssl,secret) and none of them can be help me making that link.

Any help will be appreciated!

Thank you!


Daniel Jipa

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