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Re: Logging with slf4j in 7.1.0.Final

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Guys, none of these steps should be necessary.  Definitely messing with the org.jboss.logging module should be avioded!  If you have a problem that is only fixed this way, please describe the problem completely in a JIRA issue at http://issues.jboss.org/browse/AS7 so we can figure out what's happening and fix it for the next release.


The current expected behavior is that every deployment, no matter what log API it uses or bundles, will log to the server log without deployment modification.  Any deviation from this behavior is a bug and should be reported so we can fix it!


Note that per-deployment logging configuration is a feature which we do not support yet but will support ASAP.  To work around this for now, your deployment will have to include a jboss-deployment-structure.xml which excludes our container log APIs and bundle your own versions of these.  Though like I said this will be changing very soon.  The logging system is being enhanced to recognize log4j and JUL log configuration files and to configure that deployment's logging accordingly.

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