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Re: remote ejb client username is encrypted at the server(JBOSS7.1 CR1)

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Hi Darran,


I was tryin to invoke a bean deployed in 7.1.2.Final with a remote client , and on the client side in debug log i see "DEBUG: Client authentication failed for mechanism JBOSS-LOCAL-USER: javax.security.sasl.SaslException: Failed to read server challenge [Caused by java.io.FileNotFoundException: \home\rohan\nsasj_june_spr\nsasj4400\domain\tmp\auth\local1752629224252837967.challenge (The system cannot find the path specified)]"


even when i invoke using remote client "JBOSS-LOCAL-USER" mechanism is used first?


after adding the following line to my client properties file ,the debug messages goes away.




can you please explain the significance of the above line?i couldnt find the explanation

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