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Design of AS7 multi-JSF feature

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Max Rydahl Andersen wrote:




how would tooling know which jars to include/refer to for proper classpath setup ?


The default is still the default.  So for now, the default impl is the one in the "main" slots in the com.sun.jsf-impl and javax.faces.api modules. 


If the developer uses the JSF_CONFIG_NAME context param, then you will use the jars in the slot specified.  We have this problem already.   In AS7.0.x forward, you can use the value of "Mojarra-1.2" to refer to the "1.2" slot that ships with AS7.  I'm just reusing that context param to let you specify more slots. 


So the short answer for now is, you have to look at web.xml.


The next step in multi-JSF will be to add two attributes to the JSF subsystem.  The first is a read-only attribute that lists all of the installed JSF implementations.  The second is a read/write attribute that allows you to change the default JSF implementation.  So I can imagine a tool that reads the list and presents the user with a choice of implementations.  Then it fills in the context param appropriately.