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JBoss : create custom roles

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I am working on a JBoss portal containing several pages.

These pages and the user having acces to these pages are define in the "...-object.xml" (using the <portal> => <page> => <security-constraint> => <policy-permission> => <role-name>)


Now I would like to modify this, in order for an administrateur to create a custom role from the application, without modifying the code and its xml.

So instead of defining which role has access to each page in the "....-object.xml", I would like to define it in my database.

I saw that I can set the <role-name> to <unchecked/> so every role has access to the page, but how can I then write in the code the differences of interface between users right and view?

Do you know if it is possible to hide/show different pages (so tabs, inside the application) depending on the database data of the user using JBoss?



Thank you,



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