JMX (mbean) with JBossESB service

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Hi Folks,

            I have an esb service which is currently responsible for doing some routing (calling another esb service via serviceCat:serviceName:maxthread) pattern. I'm using XSLT transformation to generate the above service call, but now want to make it dynamic. That is by feeding the string (serviceCat:serviceName:maxthread) through DB at runtime.


So what I'm looking for is some kind of solution to inject the service call / routing information into my esb service through JMX mbean.


JMX bean should be able to load/reload (serviceCat:serviceName:maxthread) information at runtime (from the DB) into my esb service, which i should then call asynchronously through service invoker method.


Any pointers on how to use jmx with esb services? i didn't fine any good example on this.



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