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Transaction Profiler: short-term plan

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STATUS: DRAFT, not ready for review.


This document describes the short-term plan for the transaction profiler tool.



The focus is to provide a release of the profiler for the community to use.

We now have an initial version of the tool, contributed by Alex Creasy. It is now open sourced and available here: https://github.com/jbosstm/transaction-profiler. The focus of the short-term plan is to make make some small changes required to make the profiler usable by the comunity. In particular:


  1. Add Copyright headers (DONE)
  2. Format code (DONE)
  3. Jira component under JBTM (DONE)
  4. Check tool still works in JTA-only mode. Alex has only tested it recently in JTS mode. I don't think we will get much community interest if we enforce JTS (although it should still be an option).
  5. Create the release
  6. Write a blog post covering:
    1. Thanks to Alex
    2. Motivation for the tool
    3. Very quick overview
    4. Getting started docs, or link to them.



The focus is to provide a release of the profiler for GSS to use on real customer cases.


  1. Support EAP 6.1. We need to support an existing EAP version in order to get some real cases. EAP 6.1 is a good choice as it provides enough cases to get started and is also a growing community,
  2. Analyze existing log files. Essential for obtaining data from customers.
  3. Create a simple tool for simulating different transaction scenarios. E.g. timeouts, heuristics, failure to prepare, etc. This is useful for debugging and for getting the community to play with the tool.
  4. Consider moving to JAX-RS+AngularJS. This should make the tool easier to develop and maintain as well as extend. It's also an easy switch to make now, as there is very little to change. Making this switch later could be hard.
  5. Blog post

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