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Create a flexible workflow and deploy it in JBPM on the fly

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Hi Experts,


I'm a new JBPM starter and looking for a solution to create a flexible workflow. I've a requirement to use Spring platform connecting to JBPM.


User story: Tom wants to create a workflow which requires 1)John, 2)Mike and 3)David to approve a job respectively. Someday later, Tom want to add Mary to be a new approver parallel with Mike. Mary and Mike both have to approve before going to David. The new workflow is 1)John, 2) Mike and Mary and 3)David. All inprogress jobs, which David is reviewing and not submit yet, have to be sent back to be reviewed by Mary as well.

Limitation: Tom can edit the workflow on the fly without modifying Java code and restarting JBPM.


I know Anees advised how to create the workflow programmatically in http://aneesjavaee-osgi.blogspot.com/2008/08/creating-jbpm-workflow-programmatically.html. So I can create a workflow programmatically on the fly. However as I know, may be wrong, I have to stop JBPM and deploy the workflow.


Is there anybody has an experience with this kind of requirement? Please advise.


Thanks & Regards,


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