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Re: Compiling Native 3.3.1 from source

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It seems I have a similar pb, using Maven 2.2.1 and the settings.xml that is described in the wiki.

Below the end of build of  3.3.1 sources:


[exec] [INFO] [jdocbook:resources {execution: default}]
     [exec] [INFO] unpacking dependency resource [/home/bisnard/.m2/repository/org/jboss/jbossorg-jdocbook-style/1.0.0/jbossorg-jdocbook-style-1.0.0.jdocbook-style] to staging-dir [/home/bisnard/Téléchargements/jbossws-svn-src-dist/jbossws-native/target/docbook/staging]
     [exec] [INFO] Expanding: /home/bisnard/.m2/repository/org/jboss/jbossorg-jdocbook-style/1.0.0/jbossorg-jdocbook-style-1.0.0.jdocbook-style into /home/bisnard/Téléchargements/jbossws-svn-src-dist/jbossws-native/target/docbook/staging
     [exec] [INFO] [jdocbook:generate {execution: default}]
     [exec] Recoverable error
     [exec] org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: Include operation failed, reverting to fallback. Resource error reading file as XML (href='Book_Info.xml'). Reason: no protocol: Book_Info.xml
     [exec] Error on line 5 column 79 of file:/home/bisnard/Téléchargements/jbossws-svn-src-dist/jbossws-native/src/main/doc/JBossWS-Native.xml:
     [exec]   Error reported by XML parser: An 'include' failed, and no 'fallback' element was found.
     [exec] [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
     [exec] [ERROR] BUILD ERROR
     [exec] [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
     [exec] [INFO] XSLT problem
     [exec] Embedded error: error performing translation [org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: An 'include' failed, and no 'fallback' element was found.]
     [exec] [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
     [exec] [INFO] For more information, run Maven with the -e switch
     [exec] [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
     [exec] [INFO] Total time: 3 minutes 3 seconds
     [exec] [INFO] Finished at: Thu Dec 09 17:47:05 CET 2010
     [exec] [INFO] Final Memory: 25M/101M
     [exec] [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------




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