Ales Justin wrote:
Spring-int is now a separate project:
Do we still need to have the spring-int folder in the AS trunk? I know you were keeping it for some tests that were there.
Brian Stansberry wrote:
 From comparing the component-matrix/pom.xml files, looks like there's a 
fair amount of stuff to port from the JBoss_6_0_0_M1 tag to trunk. 
Getting that done seems like a high priority. Diffing the tag to trunk 
is a pain because trunk has moved toward a maven structure (e.g. 
src/main/java/org/jboss instead of src/main/org/jboss). As an early 
holiday gift to you all I went ahead and did a diff of src/main/java for 
each of the modules in the AS source tree. Attached them to a wiki page.[1]

I encourage folks to have a look. I was quite anal about porting 
everything I did between Branch_5_x and trunk before closing any JIRA, 
but looking at these diffs I found a couple small things I need to fix 
in trunk.

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