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Ant Error Message: /services/cruisecontrol/work/scripts/build-ejb3-head-testsuite.xml:87: Exit code: 1 See tests.log in Build Artifacts for details.
Date of build: 01/31/2007 13:34:20
Time to build: 97 minutes 26 seconds
Last changed: 01/31/2007 03:35:56
Last log entry: better message on injection failure

 Unit Tests: (0)  Total Errors and Failures: (0)

 Modifications since last build:  (first 50 of 4)
60130modifiedwolfc//trunk/ejb3/src/main/org/jboss/injection/JndiPropertyInjector.javabetter message on injection failure
60130modifiedwolfc//trunk/ejb3/src/main/org/jboss/injection/lang/reflect/AbstractAccessibleObjectBeanProperty.javabetter message on injection failure assertion that nested bean shouldn't have independent lifecycle. a serialVersionUID