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Ant Error Message: /services/cruisecontrol/work/scripts/build-jboss-common.xml:253: The following error occurred while executing this line: /services/cruisecontrol/work/scripts/build-common-targets.xml:26: Build Successful - Tests completed with errors or failures.
Date of build: 09/30/2006 17:10:42
Time to build: 219 minutes 55 seconds
Last changed: 09/30/2006 14:55:12
Last log entry: JBAS-3731, add bindings for JBoss Messaging's Connector configuration

 Unit Tests: (4170)  Total Errors and Failures: (1)

 Modifications since last build:  (first 50 of 3), add bindings for JBoss Messaging's Connector configuration, avoid the NPE in classloader comparison, Upgrade jboss-common to 1.0.0.GA