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Ant Error Message: /services/cruisecontrol/work/scripts/build-jboss-common.xml:261: The following error occurred while executing this line: /services/cruisecontrol/work/scripts/build-jboss-common.xml:163: Exit code: 1 See tests.log in Build Artifacts for details.
Date of build: 06/28/2007 07:01:25
Time to build: 27 minutes 11 seconds
Last changed: 06/27/2007 08:45:07
Last log entry: Version EJB 3.0 AS 4.2.1 GA

 Unit Tests: (0)  Total Errors and Failures: (0)

 Modifications since last build:  (first 50 of 4)
63672modifiedwolfc//branches/Branch_4_2/ejb3/build.xmlVersion EJB 3.0 AS 4.2.1 GA comma, rollback EULA date change 4.2.1.GA 4.2.1.GA