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3.3M4 deployment problem

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I'm not sure if my problem is related to JBoss Tools or the underliing WTP.


I have an ear (A.ear) project includin an ejb project (B.jar), that depends on an utility module (C.jar). They are all maven projects that I impoerted in Eclise.


If i build the ear in maven all works fine, but if instead I deploy to a local Jboss server throught the Servers view (full publish) it doesn't work.


The problem is that the C.jar that is deployed to the server doesn't contains generated binaries but the content of the src folder of the project (main/java/.....)

I checked all I can think about, (dependency configuration of the projects, facets, ...) and I tried to remove the projects from eclipse e re-import them, the result is always the same.


The strange thing is that anore utility module, used in the same exact way, and with the same project configuration is deployed correctly.


Someone already had a similar problem?

Any suggestion on what I should check?



Andrea Polci

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