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Re: How to setup JBoss EAP 6 in Eclipse Indigo

created by Max Rydahl Andersen in JBoss Tools - View the full discussion

hmm...actually try this (sorry - dont have the setup to try it right now):


Point JBT on to an EAP 6.0 install, i.e. ~/servers/jboss-eap6

Download EAP 6.1 and put it in ~/servers/jboss-eap6.1

Let it install and set it up.


Now do this:


$ mv ~/servers/jboss-eap6 ~/servers/jboss-eap6.0


$ mv ~/servers/jboss-eap6.1 ~/servers/jboss-eap6


Now I *think* the adapter should at least start it.


We might need to tweak something in the launch configuration too but if this can get you pass the strict wizard

that would be good.

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