Possible Bug with EJB 3 Timers

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jaikiran pai wrote:


If it's EAP-5.0.0, then it should already have the fixes that I was talking about. Let me see why you are running into this issue.


By the way, if you have the application at hand, can you just give it a try by changing the interval to maybe 5 minutes and see if it works? Just as a quick test.

So, I got around to do a quicker test.  I changed the code to have the timer expire in five minutes, and I got the same results.  The timer just does not expire.  What's funny, is when I started up, the old timer that was still in the table, did expire.


So, as a simply test, after the new 5 minute timer didn't expire, I decided to shut down the server and restart it, and see if it expired on startup like the old timer, but it didn't.


I'm not sure what's going on, but this definitely doesn't work.

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