Jbpm Console Server On Weblogic 9.2

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Abhishek Chikane wrote:


Regarrding using the patch I have downloaded the jBPM 4.3 pack from the site. It has the jbpm console server war and the I could not identify the which war version I have.


Can you please help me to find the said report engine package and war?



you can download latest version (snapshot) that contains the described in jira extension from maven repository:


Next, just replace the report-core.jar that was shipped with jBPM distribution and follow the description from jira on how to set the report engine directory. You don't need to change the jbpm-console war, depending on how you placed common jars on your server class path it is just a matter of replacing the existing report-core with this 1.3-SNAPSHOT.


THe solution is pretty same as you did (I assume you set catalina.home JVM parameter), it is just a bit more tomcat independent.




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