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FIXME: I don't know how to use JBPM

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Hi all,


I believe my problem is the same problem of people who is not using jBPM yet. I don't know how to use it.



1. On going web application development;

2. Knowledge of Hibernate, EJB, WEB 2.0, RESTEasy, jBoss 5.1;

3. Businees knowledge and expertise;

4. Hands-on experience installing JBPM.




1. How can JBPM help me implementing a process engine into my application?

2. How to connect the application usabilitiy and interface with the JBPM powerfull engine?

3. How to mixing them?


I'm on the point of starting my own BP engine because of I could't figure out how I can bring things working toguether. I want to, for example, when the user saves an entity, triggers a "process chain" called REQUEST_SAVED. However, this "event" follows a process well defined by the jbpm editor. And if this process fails, the previous transaction (the entity change) is rolled back and the user get a notice about it. I'm also expecting that JBPM take care of events like that and take  control of the application life cycle (like before/after calling the DB)


Also, I want to write (and of course, to delegate to being wrote) peaces of my business logic to external classes (like inside a particular context). Thus, I expect that the process designed loads these classes when appropriated and then, follow the process and the logic inside these classes. On my first impression using JBPM I get some class loading hell between the EAR (with my EJBs) and the JBoss's quartz service (when the precess was scheduled) and the JPBM context (war and service). The major issue was "class cannot be cast" during EAR redeploying, which forced me to restart the entire application server every application redeploy.


So, I guess the powerfull tool is here, but I'm unable to used it!


Can I (and my system) be saved?





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