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Re: Guvnor Designer Import BPMN error - "Could not find BPMNDI information"

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There are several issues with this file, all of them have to do with trying to add FlowElements (or their subclasses) to a Lane's flowNodeRefs list; according to the BPMN2 spec, a Lane may only contain FlowNodes, the objects being added are FlowElements which are not allowed.


Specifically these are:


DataStoreReference "DB" to Lane "Process Engine"

DataStoreReference "DMS" to Lane "Process Engine"

2 TextAnnotations to Lane "Process Engine"

DataObject "AnalysisResult" to Lane "Management"

DataObject "Obstacle Data" to Lane "Management"

DataObject "Obstacle and Data Analysis" to Lane "sid-FEFFE169-C684-4A1A-9EA1-93EC89042369"

DataObject "Obstacle and Data Analysis" to Lane "sid-8355560B-DADC-4803-AE15-E3CB7247A62D"


Whatever was used to create this file, does not conform to BPMN 2.0

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