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Re: Designer loading problem in drools-guvnor

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I checked the orig file and it is correct with filesize 166KB


Generated json is 14KB


Of coz replacing file is not working :(


I just added the JBOSS AS to eclipse, the error log is this


12:25:54,770 INFO  [STDOUT] (null: -1, -1): Premature end of file.

12:25:54,893 INFO  [EditorHandler] Performing diagram information pre-processing steps.

12:25:54,899 INFO  [STDOUT] INFO  25-07 12:25:54,898 (NilAuthenticator.java:authenticate:35)            All users are guests.

12:25:54,931 INFO  [STDOUT] INFO  25-07 12:25:54,930 (NilAuthenticator.java:authenticate:35)            All users are guests.

12:25:54,946 INFO  [JbpmPreprocessingUnit] Successfully deleted file :C:\dev2\jbpm-installer\jboss-5.1.0.GA\server\default\tmp\3j001-uwg1d4-gqiwbuae-1-gqiwdmtq-9u\designer.war\stencilsets/bpmn2.0jbpm/bpmn2.0jbpm.json

12:25:54,947 INFO  [JbpmPreprocessingUnit] Created file:C:\dev2\jbpm-installer\jboss-5.1.0.GA\server\default\tmp\3j001-uwg1d4-gqiwbuae-1-gqiwdmtq-9u\designer.war\stencilsets/bpmn2.0jbpm/bpmn2.0jbpm.json

12:25:55,454 INFO  [STDOUT] INFO  25-07 12:25:55,453 (NilAuthenticator.java:authenticate:35)            All users are guests.

12:25:55,500 INFO  [STDOUT] (null: -1, -1): Premature end of file.



Is there a way to adjust the log level or setting a breakpoint so that i can further investigate the source of the problem?
Which file should i set the breakpt to ?


My Guvnor version is 5.2.0.Final. thanks :)

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