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Re: jBPM 5.2 BPMN2 schema question

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Hi Tihomir,


     Sorry for the late reply.

     I have managed to get some more information on this, and I have found out that the problem I have had is basically with large processes.

     I have managed to round tripping it from Guvnor to eclipse.


     The only issue I encountered was when doing large processes, I found that Oryx was not persisting all the coordinates.


     <bpmndi:BPMNShape id="_sVNcYCoxEeGn7MDXh8rrGw" bpmnElement="_8DF0ECF8-A1B3-42C1-AB24-8E9CE6D0AEF8">

        <dc:Bounds height="28.0" width="28.0" x="1386.0" y="99.0"/>


      <bpmndi:BPMNShape id="_sXHg4CoxEeGn7MDXh8rrGw" bpmnElement="_14AF3FB4-E302-4BCE-BD8B-D917130D6325">

        <dc:Bounds height="250.0" width="1455.0" x="30.0"/>


      <bpmndi:BPMNShape id="_sYEjICoxEeGn7MDXh8rrGw" bpmnElement="_502A8D23-E01F-406C-B100-31CE7CA0FC5C">

        <dc:Bounds height="250.0" width="1455.0" x="30.0" y="270.0"/>


     I am not really sure why this is happening, but if I might suggest something I think it might have to do with issue number JBPM-3461. This issue had to do with the increase of the canvas size and because some of the objects are very near this canvas limited I was suggesting this.


I will send you an private message with the entire xml code.




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