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Re: Newbie: JBoss Remoting Multiplex to solve multiple client connections through a firewall

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Hi Paul,


I wrote the multiplex transport around 2006 and haven't looked at it much since then.  It's certainly no longer supported. 


That said, multiplex was designed to make it possible for a server to communicate asynchronously with a client without creating a ServerSocket on the client, to avoid firewall problems.  If you use the virtual sockets and ServerSockets in multiplex, you might be able to do what you want. 


I should add that the performance of a virtual connection, IIRC, was about 50% of the performance of a real socket connection.


If you want to read the docs and have questions, I might be able to help.  Can't promise, though.


As long as you're thinking of an intermediate layer, why not put a single (real) ServerSocket on the client side of the firewall and distribute the messages from there to the clients?


Good luck.



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